Tutoring Program

English & Finance Tutoring Program

The Tutoring Program for both English and Finance are working together in order to provide tutoring services for all the students at Stenden Hotel Management School.

With the start of the new DBE curriculum, we realize that new students have different demands and the Tutoring Program needs to adapt to this new situation.

How do we work?

The program is set up around group-based sessions with one tutor per group. These groups meet once a week (online or offline) and discuss the problems that the tutees are running into, with either self-study programs, homework or assignments. This consistency has made the tutees pass tests at the same level as the average student, which is a great achievement as tutees acknowledge that they are struggling and in need of help! Group tutoring sessions are divided into either English or Finance. English tutoring sessions typically focus on the self-study grammar and vocabulary program and/or feedback on written or spoken English. Finance tutoring sessions have focused on developing financial or managerial accounting skills.

Next to the weekly group sessions (which students make a six week commitment) we are planning on continuing the “Talk To a Tutor” Consultation sessions. These are Walk-In sessions where individuals and groups can ask for help from our tutors. We believe that this structure will be very beneficial for our new DBE students. You can come in and ask for help with English or Finance, any questions at all. We’re also available to answer any questions you may have about the tutoring program in general and how to volunteer as a tutor (or tutor coordinator) or to become a tutee (the one being tutored).

We need you!

In the last academic year the Tutoring Program has been completely run by students, we would like to continue in this path. Both Tutors and Coordinators showed great motivation in order to bring the program forward! However, times are changing, we need new first-year DBE students who are motivated to improve their own skills combined with improving the Tutoring Program.

What are the available positions?:

  • Tutor (English & Finance)
    • Tutors will be responsible for helping the tutees who enrolled or show up to the Walk-In sessions. As a tutor you will be able to improve your English and/or Finance skills, your tutoring skills, and your communication skills. A big pro is that you can earn your Elective Activities with this too!
  • Tutoring Program Coordinators
    • The Tutoring Program is run by students for students. It is typically, a team of six coordinators and one lead coordinator. As a coordinator you have the responsibility to make sure the program continues to exist and continues to help students. There are many different tasks to fulfill; keeping track of forms, creating the groups, being active on social media, etc.

Being a coordinator is tough and sometimes intensive work, and will only be possible if you set personal goals. The Tutoring Program is a program where everyone needs and is able to improve themselves, tutees, tutors and coordinators all included. (As an added bonus, Tutors and Coordinators can earn Elective Activities for their participation.)

  • Tutees (English & Finance)
    • Tutees are the students being tutored in English or Finance, in a group on a weekly basis each module.

Are you interested in any of these three positions? Or do you have any question related to the study and/or Tutoring Program? Please come and talk to us! There is no pressure to stay for a long time or to enroll already, just come take a look.