Swing Bingo!

Join the Swing Bingo over here:

Join the Swing Bingo with your host:
Bernd-Jan Hilhorst

Live performing:
the band Casino Royale


We will play at: 18:30 – 20:00!
Please tune in on time!

There are a few simple rules to play:

    • We advise you to play the Swing Bingo from your laptop or desktop
    • Turn on your sound and preferably wear a headphone
    • Open 2 web pages and watch the live stream in ZOOM and on another webpage play the BINGO card
    • The band Casino Royale plays fragments of songs in quick succession
    • Guess which song is played by checking off the correct image of the song on your bingo card
    • We play for the Horizontal or Vertical row. When you checked off all images you’ve got BINGO! Then press the BINGO button and fill in your name and e-mail address
    • When you are the first one with a correct BINGO you will win a price –> The quiz master will mention this on the livestream