A.S.V.L. Sempiternus V.M.N. is translated in modern Dutch as “Voor eeuwig onze levenswijze.” , which means “Forever our way of living”. We are an all-Dutch student association, which is founded on the 15th of March 1990.
By several traditions within Sempiternus, we are able to stand out from the rest of the student associations in Leeuwarden.
Besides that, we are also known for our amazing parties and building a big network between students from almost every HBO-studies in Leeuwarden.
The bar where we all come together is located in the city centre of Leeuwarden. Normally, multiple times a week, parties and “borrels” are organised at this location.

Sempiternus has got two fraternities, two sororities and now has three “Jaarclubs”. Because COVID-19, it is sadly not possible to meet and have a drink with each other in our bar. However, this does not stop us from organising online events, such as beer tastings, online escape rooms and pub quizzes. This way, we can still socialize with each other and getting to know our new members!
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A.S.V.L. Sempiternus V.M.N. wordt in modern Nederlands vertaald naar ”Voor eeuwig onze levenswijze.”, de vereniging is opgericht op 15 maart 1990.
Door middel van tradities weet Sempiternus zich goed te onderscheiden van andere studentenverenigingen in Leeuwarden.
Daarnaast staan wij bekend om de geweldige feesten en het opbouwen van een groot netwerk tussen studenten van bijna alle HBO-opleidingen in Leeuwarden.

Onze Sociëteit ligt midden in het centrum van Leeuwarden, hier worden meerdere avonden per week feestjes en borrels georganiseerd.
Sempiternus heeft twee Heerendisputen, twee Damesdisputen en momenteel drie Jaarclubs.
Door het COVID-19 virus is het helaas niet mogelijk om samen een drankje te doen op onze Sociëteit. Ondanks dat organiseren wij regelmatig online evenementen zoals een nieuwjaarsborrel met bierpakketten en leuke quizzen. Zo kunnen we toch nog contact met elkaar hebben en onze nieuwe leden leren kennen!
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Thursday Workshop – “Cocktail Time!”
Join us in our cocktailworkshop and learn how to make cocktails like a pro! Meanwhile, we will answer all your questions regarding school, the city of Leeuwarden and our association Sempiternus!

Friday Festival – “Events & Friends”
We would like to show potential students how to organise events within and outside an association! Together with that, students can ask questions about us and the family we created together! Come to our student-living room and get to know us and talk about events!