ISA – International Student association

ISA has been an existing association for a long time, however it was rebooted this year by a team of creative International Hospitality Management students.

The team of ISA consists of open-minded, creative team-players and success-seekers from all around the world. In fact, we are proud that we have members from every continent which is a huge success and opportunity for us to learn more about different cultures and for others too. Besides international students, Dutch students are also part of ISA, because our main goal is to unite people.

We want to help the new students in Leeuwarden with the start of the most exciting phase of their life, which is indeed being a student. Besides that, we want to offer them several opportunities, such as networking and finding a job. Lastly, but not least, we want to give all members that feeling of support and care, which they might miss, because ISA is one big family, with relatives from all around the world. In order to do that, we organize various activities in school, parties, workshops and guest lectures.

Our strategy as an International Student Association is to present all students useful information, regarding housing, rights and advantages that they have. We want to enrich their time with our events and make them feel appreciated for who they are and what they do.

Our mission is to offer help, support, set values, integrate new students, show that we are not just an organization, but a family. Our mission is being supported by the agreements we have with several companies and organization, based in Leeuwarden.

You can find us here:


Instagram: isaleeuwarden

Snapchat: isaleeuwarden

Facebook: ISAleeuwarden


ISA-Leeuwarden is what we like to call – our family that is away from home, this is the main idea behind our association, we want our members to feel supported, part of a community and not lonely, because of the new life thy have started in Leeuwarden. In order to achieve all of the above-mentioned, we organize various events, where people can learn many new things, make friends, create memories and, of course, have fun. Do not hesitate to dm us if you want to join ISA! Hopefully we will be able to meet you in person very soon!

1) The origins of Disco Music
This workshop is aiming to present the essentials and origins of disco music. A presentation will be given on this topic, it will also include fun activities. This workshop is organized by the student association “ISA-Leeuwarden”.

2) Barman’s Introduction
Introduction to the essential equipment of the bar, different cocktail techniques and insights to basic cocktails. This workshop will be presented by members of ISA.

3) A Student Survival Guide – International Meeting (26th of January)
Introduction to The Netherlands, Leeuwarden and the surroundings. This workshop will be led by a variety of associations and aims to bring you the most important knowledge that you need to know as a student in Leeuwarden.