Io Vivat Nostrorum Sanitas

Ever since the start of the Hogere Hotelschool in 1987, Io Vivat has been the fertile ground for many ambitious students who want more in their time as students.

Io Vivat Nostrorum Sanitas is a close-knit association which is located in the middle of the old city center of Leeuwarden. Society ’t Heertje is the place where the Disputes, Guilds and Year Clubs come together, where Committees and Bureaus meet, in short, where the student develops.

Io Vivat is characterized by its entrepreneurial and ambitious nature. Its Members are doers with guts, self-esteem is highly valued and each individual looks out for the other. The term ‘Io Vivatter’ is therefore widely known within the college; people immediately know what they can count on.

Whereas Io Vivat used to be exclusively associated with the Hotel School, this is no longer the case. Taking on students on the basis of their studies is no longer appropriate; students with an Io Vivat institution can also be found at other academies. Students from all over the college are therefore welcome to join this ‘Association for life’.

Workshop: ‘’Modern Etiquettes’’
The Modern Etiquettes workshop will cover how to behave in the proper contemporary manner. How do you introduce yourself to new people? How do you behave at the table? How do you dress for important occasions? All things you have probably already had to deal with and will probably have to deal with many more times. A good first impression is very important and people get it from you when you show yourself from your best side.
Etiquettes have been around for centuries and many have changed over the years. In this workshop you will learn from members of Io Vivat how things are done today in the right way.

Hospitality Festival topic: ‘’The time of your life’’
During the Hospitality Festival, members of Io Vivat will tell you all about the best time of your life, namely: your student days. You have made a great choice to follow your studies in a real student city like Leeuwarden. Besides the fact that you are at the beginning of your career by following a study that suits you and that you will eventually find a job that you like, you also get to know a lot of people in this period that will eventually form a real network. During your years as a student you will not only learn from books but also from everything around them. From living on your own to relationships with people. During this festival we will talk extensively about this and members of Io Vivat will answer all your questions about the study and Leeuwarden. See you on Friday!


Thursday 28-1: HNS DioVivat online drinks.
Monday 1-2: Leeuwarden City Tour (In collaboration with HNS and Dionysus)
Thursday 4-2: IoViFout (online themeparty)