Central Perk

About Central Perk:
NHL Stenden has a diverse student population. Consider, for example, first-generation students, students with a migrant background, LGBT students, young parents, students with a disability, informal caregivers, students who do not meet a stereotype. Students from these ‘minority groups’ may encounter specific issues and a number of students have indicated that they would very much like a place in the school where they can get to know like-minded students and where they will find understanding and recognition, where they can work on challenges, support each other and initiate a process of empowerment. For this purpose, we have Central Perk!

For new coming students, this February we are offering 2 small interactive sessions with one of the hosts of Central Perk. We would like you to familiarize yourself with Central Perk project and community, so that you know where you can find a helping hand in case you need one or if you just want to educate yourself and have fun with other people!

Workshop 1: Start building your future today!
During this workshop we will talk about YOU and YOUR goals for the upcoming 4 years of your study program. We would like to get to know you, your needs and thoughts about your future and provide you with a few ideas on how to develop yourself further in the next years and how to build a right community around yourself. We call it a self-improvement workshop, but we do not want to teach you, instead we want to talk with you and have an interactive session, so walk in and share your thoughts, ideas, gain some insights and leave with a motivated heart and mind 😉!

Workshop 2: Instructions for new students! We know how to save many nerves of yours!
During this workshop we will give you a few tips for your studying at the university, and no, they are not boring, but other way around! These tips will make you go out of your comfort zone and expand your knowledge, but at the same time save a lot of your nerves. Intrigued? Walk in!